Featured F-Body

Featured F-Body

August 2004 - James Dowles' 1997 Firebird (12secondv6)

This is my little V6. It started out as a mid 16 second car and now is spinning to almost high 11's in the quarter mile. I will continue to be dedicated to the V6 F-Body world.

I wanted something that had not been done. I wanted to beat ALL that said it could never be done.

As for mods..... well....how about we say this...I still run a stock cam in my junkyard motor. I spray a simple 100 wet shot of nitrous which goes through my stalled and built to hell transmission which then goes to the junkyard rear with little 3:23's (thanks Jenn!) and a locker.

Year: 1997 Color: Silver
Engine: L36 3.8 V6 ET: 12.191
Transmission: 4L60-E Auto MPH: 110.95
Rear Gears: 3.23 locker 60': 1.584 (spinning)