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General Instructions
If you would like to submit your car to be our Featured F-Body please follow these simple guidelines. E-mail a picture of your car, in .jpg format only, to the address below. Please make sure your image is at least 600 pixels wide. We're sorry, but we cannot accept low-resolution images. Along with your picture please include the information that would be posted if your car were selected. This means we need you to separately list your car's year, engine, transmission, rear gears, color, ET, mph, and 60' (if any of this info is known). In your paragraph description, please follow the format of the Featured F-Body. Write in paragraph form, in complete sentences, and let us know what sets your F-Body apart from the masses and what makes it unique.

Positive Points
Clean car
Scenic and/or track backdrop
Tire smoke, high speed motion blur, lens flare, other visual effects
Good lighting
Fast timeslip
Dyno numbers
New/original modifications

Negative Points
Dirty car
Ugly photography
Low image resolution
Poor/incomplete car description
Dark/overexposed/underexposed photograph
You in the picture

Tips and Tricks
Keep in mind that if we choose your car to be our Featured F-Body, we are selecting you to represent our entire site--over two thousand people. Your car will be on our front page, viewed over 120,000 times per day, for an entire month. You represent the best we have to offer, our flagship. With this in mind, and with the sheer number of submissions we receive, we are forced to be very picky. Some other sites randomly select their cover car, we do not. Does this discriminate against the owners of ugly cars? No. We don't believe there is such a thing as an "ugly" F-Body. There is, however, such a thing as a beautiful F-Body that is dirty and has a picture that does not do the car justice. We feel that every F-Body owner has the same opportunity to clean and polish the car, apply tire foam, apply Armor All, and drive to some scenic place for the photo shoot--even if it's just a grassy field or a deserted road. The car is a thing of beauty, it deserves to be photographed in a place of beauty.

Notice how the photographic quality ranks higher than modifications or times in the bullet points above. This is because the nature of Featured F-Body favors show cars over fast cars. Even if your car has 600 hp and runs 9's in the quarter, if the picture is bad we won't post it on our main page. The purpose of Featured F-Body is for site visitors to say "ooh" and "aah" when they see a pretty sports car--not for them to technically analyze the data of what you've done with it. So please take pride in your photography and send us the best you can. Maybe you'll find yourself up there next month. Good luck!

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