Featured F-Body

Featured F-Body

June 2003 - Jennifer Shaffer's Supercharged 1998 Firebird (Pathogen)

Pathogen, a 1998 Midnight Blue Metallic Firebird, is powered by a 3800 Series II V6 and force fed through a custom intercooled ProCharger P600B application similar in design to that used on Project: Virus. As one of only two V6 F-bodies to utilize the efficiency of a twin-belt forced induction system, the setup is quite unique. This power is manipulated through a Hurst Billet Plus shifter and Lou's Short Stick combo bolted to a Borg-Warner T5 manual transmission and controlled by a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch. The car exhales through a 3” Flowmaster exhaust system designed for the LS1, starting with a 3” Catco cat and ending in 2.5” chrome tips.

For a car that “just screamed potential” rolling from a sales lot in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C., it’s existence was quickly overshadowed by the infamous car known as the Virus, and until now that was all fine and dandy. Now, force-fed at 10 pounds, the little “gentler, sweeter Virus” is ready to make a stand on it’s own.

Still too new to the streets to have track times or dyno sheets, this bird is raising eyebrows. Don’t mind the rose decals on the fenders or the stuffed animals in the trunk, it’s all a cover given away by a rear license plate frame reading “I am the Problem, there is no Solution.”

Year: 1998 Color: Midnight Blue Metallic
Engine: L36 3.8 V6 ET: None blown yet...
Transmission: BW T5 Manual MPH: ?
Rear Gears: 3.23 60': Traction? What's that?