Featured F-Body

Featured F-Body

June 2004 - Eric Morton's 2000 Camaro (MustangEater8251)

This is my baby... She is a $0 modded beast. You may be wondering what is a $0 car? Well it means I did not invest any money on mods for this car to run the times I did. The mods I did to run my mid 14s, was a descreened MAF, unhooked exhaust after cat, removed jack & spare, removed drivebelt and an open throttle body (no airbox or filter). Other then that the car was stock down to the original Eagle GA tires with 37,000 miles and the stock open differential. This car has surprised alot of people at the track, which I love.

I later added the ZR1s and 275/40/17 Kuhmos for the looks (along with Zaino, the greatest stuff ever) and fun, since I am trying to get more into autocrossing and road racing with this car.

If you want more info and pics of my car and timeslips please check out my car's website.

Year: 2000 Color: Navy Blue Metallic
Engine: L36 3.8 V6 ET: 14.467
Transmission: BW T5 manual MPH: 95.45
Rear Gears: 3.23 open 60': 2.117